About Us

Rhyscapes is a Townsville based company with a record in delivering excellent results to a wide range of customers from individuals through to major corporations. 


Led by Rhys Couchman, Rhyscapes is a leader in all areas of landscape.  Rhys has more than 10 years experience and has a Builder's Licence restricted to structural landscaping.  Project management courses provide the structure through which effective business management is achieved resulting in high quality customer service. 


Rhyscapes have built a reputation based on reliability and customer service.   We follow through on all quotes, deliver on time, continually working to meet all standards.  We continue to deliver and create a unique perspective that distinguishes your property. 


Rhyscapes maintain all required qualifications, insurances and resources.  We are a young, vibrant and modern company with a successful record in understanding your requirements and delivering projects that create options and opportunities for your property.



Softscapes are all the natural areas of the exterior of the home. It creates character to the landscape and includes all horticultural elements such as flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds and lawns.


Hardscape are the items that are durable and will remain unchanged for years. It refers to areas that are covered with oncrete, patios, paving pool surrounds, water features,, retaining walls, stones, boulders and fencing.



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